Posting Guidelines: Q & A

  1. Do not use "jargon" in your message unless no ordinary English word exists for it. If you must use a word that readers are likely to be unfamiliar with, define it before you use it.
  2. It's up to an author to define their terms so readers can understand what they are talking about. We do not debate word definitions on my lists! Almost all debate on these lists is about word definitions – which is a total waste of time! If unsure of what a word means, ask the author for word definitions.
  3. We do not discuss metaphysics on my lists!
  4. Freud's theories are popular fiction. If you want to discuss psychology, you MUST put it in the context of "evolutionary psychology." Evolutionary psychology is the only psychology that is consistent with biology and the rest of the natural sciences.
  5. On this list, "free will" is defined as "The ability to violate the laws of physics at will."
  6. Whenever possible, we will examine “true vs. false” (scientific)–not “good vs. bad” (normative) questions.
  7. The basic format of this list is a proposition, a question, and then one or more answers – we do not debate! Anyone can ask a question, and anyone can answer that question.
  8. Be concise! Try to confine your propositions, questions and answers to one per post! If you have two questions, send them in two separate posts–one question per post.
  9. Posters are expected to have a basic understanding of thermodynamics and evolution theory.
  10. I will make every effort to ensure that all assertions made on this list are consistent with modern science. If I make an error somewhere, please correct me. If someone is inventing their own science, I will reject it.
  11. In order to cut down on list traffic, I will frequently append my comments to the front of someone’s post. If I don’t seem to be answering your questions, go back and look at the ends of your posts.
  12. Trim the excess material and send only what you need to make your point.
  13. If you ask a question that has already been answered, or if I decide that it is not appropriate for the entire list, I will answer your question off-list.